Amazing tree root pattern on city street

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1. Beautiful patterns of tree roots among the circular stones of the pavement near one of Bankok’s most busiest roads.



 2. The roots slowly taking over the pavement.


3. Closer view of the tree base. 



4. View of the base of the tree and its narrow city space to grow. 



5. Full view of the tree on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road. 



6. Amazing root close-up.


7. Beautiful patterns evolving between the pavement stones.


In between concrete and electricity lines, on one of the Bangkok’s largest roads, this amazing tree has managed to survive and develop quite a special looking set of roots.

As most city trees, it has to compete for space with the concrete jungle that we humans create around us. For this particular tree, this competition has resulted in some beautiful root patterns over the years, with individual roots zigzagging in-between the circular pavement stones.

For most tree species, more than a third of a tree can be found beneath the ground. Although hidden, the roots are vitally important for gathering water and nutrients as well as providing support.

I hope that by seeing photos of this amazing tree one will not only appreciate the beauty and adaptability of nature, but also makes one aware of the space that is needed for trees to thrive.



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